The Scoring Project

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Scoring Platform

We present you Scoring: the platform that aims to provide value by giving our customers an assessment and reporting automation tool to help your business be even more productive, scalable and able to reach a broader audience. It allows you to create evaluation frameworks/models and sell specialized knowledge at scale through our Marketplace OR use those models internally.
Also coming soon AIs’ classification and predictive capabilities.


Innovate by automating and managing your evaluation/reporting models and reach scalability and new markets on our Marketplace.


Find invaluable knowledge in our Marketplace that can help your business achieve success.


Cut man-hours used for tasks requiring repetitive manual assessments and ordering by result.


Optional service that allows to receive data from a machine and returns assessment results to be shown on backoffice or to be sent down the data pipeline.


To make the best quality specialized knowledge widely available and boost our mutual development


To become the reference to everything Scoring related – The Scoring Company


To provide our direct and indirect customers with the best experience in assessment automation and value from specialized knowledge



A Scoring created in cooperation with The Venture Builder to assess if a business is ready for the internationalization process. It allows their client companies to understand what their most urgent needs are and which points should be focused on for an adequate expansion into the international arena.


Companies were evaluated for Business, Market and Product variables and based on those values, insights were given.


They were able to provide specialized knowledge at scale to their clients.



To assess if the candidate fits in accordance to requirements for a job position, a Scoring was created. It calculated and sorted all candidates by fitness level and doing so it automatically showed the best candidates that align with established requirements.


Candidats were evaluated on 3 variables: Technical Requirements, Soft Skills and “About Yourself”


Many man-hours were saved by reviewing only the fitting candidates

Sell your knowledge on a whole new level with the power of automation, our marketplace and AI.

-Build the future of consultancy
-Unveil the new business models

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